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We appreciate the president Wu. of KSI in supporting the staffs learning Business English and applied it in their  business field.


From Teacher’s comments

心情塗鴉  –愛心班長賴 O O

非常感謝本班的愛心班長 O O 同學,每次上課前不厭其煩的提醒同仁,不論是課前講義,課後庶務,或者是協助老師架設影音設備與處理全班英語庶務,班長,辛苦了!謝謝你!在訓練過程中,資訊科背景的班長,吸收與資質表現不錯,歷經半年的訓練,著實在聽力上有所進步,口語的進步源自於聽力量的累積,所以,表達自然順暢,口音是正常的,每一個國家都有,切勿因為口音而膽怯,相信以班長的資質,能在自我崗位上更具競爭力!

From Mr. Lai

When I wanted to speak English six months ago. I didn’t know how to speak well. I only spoke one-word or two words. I can’t express it with a complete English sentence. My grammar is weak and I don’t know how to pronounce it correctly. I listening part, I know each word, but I can’t identify them. After six months of study…. most of what I want to say can be converted into English sentences through the grammar concept taught by the teacher. most of the pronunciation part can be pronounced using natural pronunciation. As long as the subject had learned, I can understand more than sixty percent. Finally, I would like to thank the chairman for letting us having the opportunity to learn English, and thank you teacher for your hard working in teaching us.